From the vinyl and foam that is used for pads on the workout equipment to the protective padding on walls and floors in courts and gymnasiums, we do it all. For three decades, Brodie Upholstery has serviced upholstery on equipment from Bodymaster, Nautilus, Icarian, Hoist, Keiser, Life Fitness, Flex, Technogym, Cybex and many more. All of the work is done on-site in our mobile shop, with no piece of equipment out of commission for longer than an hour. Our years of experience allow us to know where the highest degree of wear occurs, as well as any flaws in the manufacturer’s design. We have found ways to modify foam and vinyl on a machine to last even longer than the factory pads coming from the equipment manufacturers.

Using the best materials that precisely match the factory vinyl, we incorporate the use of the highest density closed-cell foams and custom rubber non-slip vinyl. We offer a web guard product that significantly reduces excess wear on the perimeter of pads, normally resulting from repeated dumbbell pounding and improper usage of the equipment by club members. We understand that the success of a Health or Fitness Club relies on the sale and retention of memberships, Brodie Upholstery can help strengthen your club’s image and reputation with a good-looking, well-managed facility. View Fitness Work Order.


Most of our work with restaurants is completed in the morning while the establishment is closed. We do it all: repair and replace springs, foam, and vinyl. If requested, we offer suggestions on how to change the design of booths or backrests to streamline and simplify renovations, helping to lower expenses. We maintain documentation of each customer’s vinyl manufacturer, pattern, and color and are able to warehouse your extra vinyl so you don’t have to. Our goal is to be on-site as fast as possible, normally in a matter of days. We keep an extensive stock of vinyls on hand, ensuring a fast response time for our clients.

In today’s market of upholstery repair, you can find many imitation vinyls that are cheaper and less durable; appearing much like the materials your booth package originally came with. It is sometimes difficult to spot substandard vinyls and craftsmanship which is why we do our best to educate our clients and look out for their best interests. Our knowledgeable technicians help to educate the customer in what to look for in their upholstery upkeep. View Restaurant Work Order.

Clinics and Therapies often need comprehensive upholstery repairs due to the strict cleaning requirements that contribute to damage and/or discoloring of vinyl. Deeper textured vinyls should not be used in medical applications since bacteria can settle in the deeper grain of the vinyl creating a potential for cross contamination. We utilize specific medical-grade vinyl that has the ability to withstand penetration of sweat and bacteria and is easily disinfected.

We dismantle and carefully reassemble all physical therapy tables on-site (if preferred), regardless of the how technical the components. Our attentive restoration of hi/low and a variety of other tables assures the integrity of all operational parts. Tables and bench corners are steamed and gently stretched to eliminate wrinkles or pleating. Seams on facial pads tend to ride along the cheeks and irritate an individual’s face, by eliminating these lines of stitching we help to provide greater comfort for your patients while they undergo treatment.

Weight Room equipment in educational facilities receive continued wear and tear by athletes. The exercise equipment in schools is comparable to equipment that we continually service in Health Clubs. The main difficulty for schools is being able to get dollars allocated for the athletic department. We provide appropriate estimates and work with purchase departments or ASB accounts. Our flexibility allows us to schedule around classes and high-use times. Often times institutions gladly arrange to have our upholstery service perform their renovations during Summer, Christmas or Spring break.


We outrival our competition with tailored methods allowing us to reupholster card table rails seamlessly. Seams often create wrinkles and folds in the upholstery that are aesthetically displeasing and become the most likely place for tears. Casino managers know this and often prefer a no-seam repair.

Not only do our techniques allow a seamless repair without wrinkles or folds, perhaps more importantly, our method helps to ensure durability and maintain the vinyl’s integrity by not over-stretching the vinyl. We service a number of casinos and have found that many have the same slot and card table chairs. We carry most all the patterns enabling us to come prepared with pre-sewn patterns to guarantee a speedy repair.